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Max Out is a service based company. Clients hire us to increase their brand awareness, brand exposure and customer acquisitions. Our areas of expertise cover advertising, marketing, customer services, sales and consultancy. We specialize in face-to-face brand representation in small pop-up local events, kiosks, big-box retail, malls, concerts, sports venues and festivals. Our aim is to not only penetrate new markets but to also assist our growing portfolio of clients in increasing their market value with our guaranteed ROI campaigns.
At the moment we are not accepting new clients. We currently have a waitlist for prospective clients that you can join by heading to the “Get in Touch” page.
We will work with a business in any industry as long as their goals align with ours! Our current client list includes businesses in the following industries: Telecommunications, Energy, Non-Profits, Solar, Professional Sports Franchises, Pharmaceuticals, Office Suppliers.
Our goal: To be a verb...let me explain. When you need a ride you say “I’m going to Uber there” (even when you use lyft...let’s be honest), when you don’t know an answer you say “Google it” in the very near future when a company needs to promote their brand and products they will say “We need to Max Out”.
We guarantee return of your investment by not requiring an upfront investment. We only accept money from our clients after the job is done, the job being obtaining more acquisitions. It’s that simple.
All of us here at Max Out have once worked in corporate America, and we all hated it. We pledge to NEVER be corporate america. Our CEO is a former professional soccer player (he calls it “football”, he’s from England) so our company culture is similar to a sports team environment. High energy, having clear goals, but having a good time while doing it. We play music all day long (everyone gets a chance to pick what genre for the day) and we play games (most of the time after work is done...most of the time). We are unapologetically different.
Firstly, we do not like selecting candidates from their resume only. That is outdated and honestly, people are so much more than what their past experiences were. When we receive an application we like to meet through Zoom first for a meet and greet. This is your chance to shine and show us what you can bring to the company, and also a time for us to explain a little more about the role. After we have the meet and greet the management team will decide.

Due to the high volume of candidates, we may on the odd occasion do a group style pre screen zoom interviews, this is on the odd rare occasion though! We prefer more personable 1-on-1 and 1-on-2 style casual chats.
Yes! On the job education is so important, we train all new team members to ensure they have knowledge and skills for a successful career at Max Out. We also offer continuous education for all employees as they are ready to learn more and more.
We believe in rewarding team members that go above and beyond for the company, and the best way to do that is to offer promotions to higher positions in the company. Our whole management team has started with us at entry level, even our CEO will occasionally go out and do the entry level jobs.